Design and marketing for schools

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.— Robert L. Peters

We are a design and marketing agency that specialises in creating marketing and communication solutions solely for schools.

Whether it’s a website, newsletter, magazine, video, prospectus, branding, advertising or research – Spacific has been helping schools since 2012.



We create websites that not only look stunning, but are effortless for a school to update, and for the school community to quickly find information. All our sites are responsive, look good on mobile and are search engine optimised. We also measure various statistics such as bounce rates, dwell times, visitor flow, etc., to continually improve the performance of your website.


Easy for a school to put together, and no excessive scrolling are some of the features of our online newsletter. Other benefits include: searchable; translatable; trackable; sharable; ability to incorporate social media feeds; mobile friendly, automates with email; and is easy for staff, students, coaches or even parents to contribute articles or photos – with school maintaining complete control over editing.


We pride ourselves on creating prospectuses that stand out from the crowd and show the unique character and values of a school. We tailor our service to a school’s needs – which can include writing the prospectus text, organising professional photography, designing, layout, translation and distribution via print and digital.


For all video projects, we partner with an award-winning producer whose career spans over 20 years in broadcasting both in New Zealand and the UK. We organise all areas of production, including story creation, scripting, auditioning, filming, lighting, grading, editing, graphics and music. We also export different formats and durations to accommodate all forms of distribution.

Market Research

Partnering with Pauline Colmar, co-founder of the market research company, Colmar Brunton, we find out answers to those tricky questions. Be it how best to attract a particular group/segment to a school or how a school is perceived and everything in-between – we use a mix of quantitive and qualitative questions and a range of research methods including focus groups, interviews and surveys.


There is a range of advertising opportunities such as Open Day banners, brochures, flyers, social media advertising and articles or adverts in relevant publications. We can organise everything from concept designs to delivery.

Branding and Stationery

From logo creation and business cards to certificates and email signatures – we can create a visual identity that represents your school and its unique ethos. Branding can include brand workshops to crystallise essential messaging, polling community to get feedback and buy-in, creating brand guidelines and designing and delivery of all collateral.

Magazines and Yearbooks

Whether it be it a printed coffee table style magazine or a digital magazine with slideshows, video and more – we provide full magazine production. The production can include design, layout, proofreading, printing, digital creation, mail-house distribution, photography, editing and more. For yearbooks, please go to our yearbook website for all the relevant information.



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